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Welcome to JCSS, an Accounting and Regulatory Services firm spread across India, Singapore and Japan, headquartered at Bangalore, India. JCSS, led by an experienced team of professionals, aims at providing creative. practical issue-based solutions. Since its inception in 2000, JCSS has been rendering advice to over 450 clients spread across a broad spectrum of industries ranging from Infrastructure to Manufacturing, Construction to Information Technology. Our portfolio of clients range from start-ups to well established Fortune 500 companies.

The nature and complexity of changes taking place in today’s business environment has been increasing substantially. Some of the key factors such as complexity in the global economy, intense competition, changing consumer expectations, increasing incidence of business failures, etc. are forcing managements to respond proactively and effectively to remain in business. This coupled with the globalisation of business models brings along with it challenges on the regulatory front and the necessity to meet business requirements without going out of the ambit of regulatory barriers.

In order to bring our services to our clients’ doorstep, we operate out of key business locations in India viz. Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad & Pune, and out of Singapore and Tokyo.

JCSS began its journey with one core promise: Delivering Transparency. Companies needed an advisor to understand their requirements, anticipate their dynamic needs and decipher the complex web of regulations, thereby providing solutions transparently.
During our journey, we interacted, learnt and expanded our operations across the world, in the process building valuable relationships with more than 400 organizations. However, we have however stayed true to our core promise of delivering solutions transparently. Along the way we also built a team of people who subscribe to our credo, carrying forward our endeavor to deliver better than promised.

Core Values

JCSS is guided by the ancient Indian wisdom of conducting business transparently and mutually prosperous relationships..

Transparency: The core promise of “transparency” is the trigger which initiated JCSS. We understand the criticality of transparency in business, and the positive consequence thereafter in the commercial world.

Relationship: Indian management principles that guide us to look at HR as Human Relationships. This gives stability to our services. We believe that a productive relationship cannot arise only through contractual relationships but also outside of them.

Prosperity: Our endeavor is to bring to you all encompassing wellness.
At JCSS, we strive to deliver transparency, through relationships which result in a more stable path to sustained and shared prosperity.

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